Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We live in challenging times. We may feel much pressure from our work situation, our family responsibilities, & the fast pace of modern life in general. Then there is the world situation & particularly the worsening state of the environment. The rapid pace of climate change is worrisome enough but then one nuclear power plant in one country can blow up & send it's toxic particles across the Planet! It could be very easy to become a pessimist about the future of mankind & the Oceans & all the species on the Planet.
One important mind-state that can help keep our sanity is having a sense of gratitude for our lives. We are going to die soon enough...whether 5 days, 5 months, 5 or 50 years from now we are going to pass away but WE ARE ALIVE NOW! It is a miracle to breathe & touch & smell & taste & & hear & look at the world around us...To feel the breeze on our skin..To take a walk in the neighborhood or ride a bike..(some of my friends can't do that & how grateful they would be if they could)
Some Buddhist teachings say that to be born as a human being is a precious thing & gratitude is a central teaching in all religions.
Whenever we find ourselves complaining about the little things in our daily lives try to change that mind-state to simple gratitude. Gratitude for food in our bellies, a dry place to sleep, a little money in our pockets, healthy bodies, & all the various people in our lives. From the slow cashier to the ones we love the most. What are you grateful for?...:o)

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